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The spirits hand-crafted by our distillers are a product of our region.  The whiskey making begins in the fields and farms of nearby communities where our team works with farmers to select the best local grains for our whiskeys.

From there the grains are brought to The Depot and milled on site, cooked in our customized brewhouse, and sent into traditional open-style fermenters.

Once the fermentation is done, the wash is transferred into our forged copper and steel still where the spirit comes to life. Traditional double distillation of our Whiskeys gives the spirit a clean finish while showcasing the essence of the grains.

Our aged whiskeys are then sent into our third-floor barrel room where the western sun of the summer and the cold winters of the Sierra Nevada Mountains move the spirit in and out of the small wooden barrels.

As you can imagine, this “farm to glass” approach with our whiskey isn’t the easiest way to make spirits. But when sitting down to enjoy a dram with friends, we have the pride and comfort of knowing we did everything we could to make the best whiskey. We know it’s worth it.

Silver Corn Whiskey

The award winning SILVER CORN WHISKEY celebrates the western state that The Depot Brewery and Distillery calls home.   Nevada grown corn is double distilled for a flavorful spirit that finishes clean. Just as silver ore of the Sierra Mountains was once the pride of Nevada, this silver American whiskey is the best of our region’s bounty.

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Aged Corn Whiskey-OUT OF STOCK

In the 100 year old beachwood aging rooms of The Depot Brewery and Distillery, you’ll find a small stash of AGED CORN WHISKEY. These small American Oak casks combine the flavors of Nevada raised corn with smooth vanilla notes and rustic edges. Small barrels mean more work here at the distillery, but this century old building reminds us of the longevity and pride that comes with hard work and craftsmanship.

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Biggest Little Bourbon

The BIGGEST LITTLE BOURBON pays tribute to the city that shaped The Depot Brewery and Distillery. For this classic American whiskey, we used Nevada grown corn and wheat with a traditional double distillation for a smooth, complex whiskey. The result is a small barrel bourbon with big character- just like our hometown.

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High Country Gin

The High Country Gin is an herbaceous spirit distilled from Nevada grain with a nod to the brewery aspect of our operations. In addition to the main traditional spices of Juniper and Coriander, Hops are used to provide unique citrus notes making this gin well suited to a variety of cocktails. Perfect for a hot day in the High Desert we suggest enjoying in a gin and tonic!

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Barrel Aged High Country Gin

The High Country Gin is an herbaceous spirit distilled from Nevada grain with a nod to the brewery aspect of our operations. In addition to the main traditional spices of Juniper and Coriander, Hops are used to provide unique citrus notes. The spirit then ages on used Biggest Little Bourbon barrels which adds additional notes of oak, vanilla & baking spice.

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Rye Whiskey

The Depot’s Rye Whiskey revels the spirit that has long been a mainstay of American culture.  This modern rendition showcases rye and Nevada grown corn along with small barrel aging that adds to the spirit’s complexity.

American Single Malt Whiskey

For our small batch American Single Malt Whiskey, we used an intricate blend of three smoked barley malts to give this spirit its rich, smoky flavor.  Aromas of campfire and American hardwoods blend with highlights of honey and vanilla for a handcrafted whiskey that relishes the rebellious Western spirit where it was created.

Amer Depot | Picon Style Liqueur-OUT OF STOCK

The Amer Depot is a nod to the Basque heritage and culture that permeates our home state of Nevada.  The Picon Punch has long been the unofficial State drink and since the 1970’s the original formula Amer Picon has ceased to exist. Our Amer Depot is an attempt to recreate the original using natural herbs, roots and spices to give it a uniquely Nevada flair.