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Designed to both replicate classics and create anew, the Brewhouse allows us to pay homage to traditional beer styles while also providing the means to explore the new frontiers of our craft.  At The Depot you’ll find modern relics of brewing traditions that are long forgotten by many brewers today.  Cereal cooking of local grains, decoction brewing, open fermentations, horizontal lagering tanks… all traditions almost extinct in modern brewing.  Most craftsmen have abandoned these practices because they were deemed too inefficient, too time consuming, or simply too much work.

Here at The Depot, we don’t see it that way.  We think the nuanced difference between a good beer and a great brew can be found in the attention to detail, painstaking care for the product, and quality practices that have been honed by the masters of our craft over centuries of work.  So with this in mind, we proudly strive to keep these gone-by traditions alive each day as we forge our craft beers.

The Voyager

IPA | 5.6% ALC/VOL | 84 IBUs | 11 SRM | Available Year Round

Bright citrus notes of tangerine and grapefruit are the showcase of this easy drinking IPA. Beneath the pronounced hop character, a restrained maltiness comes through as the beer finishes along with a subtle bitterness.

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The Ranch Hand

American Ale | 4.6% ALC/VOL | 22 IBUs | 3 SRM | Available Year Round

Enjoyably easy drinking, this straw colored ale combines a classic American hop aroma with a light malt character and crisp finish. For those looking to quench their thirst, this may very well be the beer for you.

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The Explorer

American Pale Ale | 5.2% ALC/VOL | 42 IBUs | 9 SRM | Available Year Round

The Depot’s classic Pale Ale is a light amber color with a slightly earthy and resinous hop character. A touch of caramel malt gives the beer a hint of sweetness before it finishes dry with a noticeable but restrained hop bitterness.

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The Blacksmith

Stout | 6.0% ALC/VOL | 40 IBUs | 30 SRM | Available Year Round

This American style stout is well balanced with a rich malt aroma and a touch of earthy hop notes. Chocolate, coffee and caramel are the most forward flavors in this beer while a mild bitterness and rich, malty sweetness dominate the finish.

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The Farmer

SAISON | 6.5% ALC/VOL | 32 IBUs | 13 SRM | Available Year Round

This amber colored farmhouse ale is true to the classic style. Authentic Saison yeast gives this beer its signature flavor while East Kent Golding hops and a touch of Munich malt add to the complexity.

The Wanderer

Double IPA | 9.0% ALC/VOL | 110 IBUs | 16 SRM | Available Year Round

Seven different hop varieties were brought into this beer during six different stages of hop additions.  Big and bold, this beer ventures into all the complex citrus and pine notes of a Double IPA.

The Lumberjack

Pacific NW India Pale Ale | 5.6% ALC/VOL | 84 IBUs | 11 SRM | Seasonal

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Return of The Viking

Bourbon Barrel Aged Blonde Barleywine | 10.5% ALC/VOL | 65 IBUs | 10 SRM | Available Year Round

Our popular Viking Blonde Barleywine aged on Bourbon barrels.  Rich vanilla, honey, and oak notes come through in the aroma while the brew finishes with distinctively warming notes of bourbon.

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The Viking

Blonde Barleywine | 10.5% ALC/VOL | 65 IBUs | 10 SRM | Winter Seasonal

Barleywines are noted for their rich maltiness and warming alcohol presence.  Our “Blonde” version is dark golden color with a moderate hoppiness and hints of wildflower honey that make this a perfect winter beer.

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The Burner

Bohemian Pilsner | 5.2% ALC/VOL | 30 IBUs | 4 SRM | Summer Seasonal

Celebrating the end of summer and the “Party on the Playa,” this session lager is the perfect thirst quencher for the last hot days of the year.  A classic German brewing technique gives this brew its signature malty backbone, while Nobel German and Czech hops lend a snappy finish.

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The Rodeo Queen

Raspberry Sour Wheat | 4.9% ALC/VOL | 3 IBUs | 5 SRM | Summer Seasonal

A refreshingly tar t and flamboyantly colored brew, this beer celebrates the rodeo season that has become a summer tradition for so many in our community. A sour fermentation with loads of fresh raspberry puree is followed up with maturation in French Oak merlot barrels from our friends at Madroña Winery.

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The Cantaloupe Queen

Cantaloupe Sour Wheat | 4.9% ALC/VOL | 3 IBUs | 5 SRM | Summer Seasonal

Richly aromatic with ripe cantaloupe melon, this abruptly tart brew has a underlying sweetness that makes the perfect balance.  A special thanks to the Little family of Yerington, NV for providing their farm fresh cantaloupe.

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James & The Giant

Imperial Peach Wit| 8.8% ALC/VOL | 46 IBUs | 6 SRM | Spring Seasonal

This Imperial Witbier is made with Nevada grown wheat and fresh peach puree. The result is a beer perfect for winter, and spring, with lots of stonefruit aromas and flavor.

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Return of The Highlander

Barrel Aged Scotch Ale | 9.2% ALC/VOL | 24 IBUs | 27 SRM | Winter Seasonal

Our Scotch Ale returns, aged on Bourbon barrels for an added complexity that mingles with rich malt flavors.  Deep caramel, hints of brown sugar and vanilla, and a touch of campfire smoke come through as this “Wee Heavy” Ale finishes with warming barrel aged notes.

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Return of The Milk Man

Barrel Aged Milk Stout | 5.2% ALC/VOL | 25 IBUs | 24 SRM | Winter Seasonal

Our Cocoa Milk Stout is brewed with real cocoa and carefully aged in Bourbon barrels for the perfect compliment of chocolate, coffee and oaky vanilla notes.  The Milkman remains a sturdy beer but will be best enjoyed during its first year.

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Il Padrino

Belgian Quadruple | 9.0% ALC/VOL | 10 IBUs | 16 SRM | Spring Seasonal

The “Godfather” is a distinctive Belgian-style Ale fermented with Italian Plumbs and aged in red wine barrels at least eight months.  Rich aromas of dark fruit, toast and light caramel come through along with spice notes.  Assertive, distinctive yet surprisingly suave, this beer is so good you may want to just keep it in the family.

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The Wild 49er

Belgian Style Wild Ale | 12.0% ALC/VOL | 14 IBUs | 8 SRM | Fall Seasonal

A Belgian Style Ale with apricots serves as the base for the triple-fermented specialty beer. Re-fermented with Brettanomyces in Madroña Merlot wine barrels and bottle conditioned, this beer has a bone dry finish with lots of uniquely funky “Brett” character.

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The Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest | 5.8% ALC/VOL | 24 IBUs | 12 SRM | Fall Seasonal

This traditional German-style lager is a light copper color with rich toasted malt notes.  Double decoction brewing builds the malt backbone while the beer finishes clean with a snappy finish.

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The Trekker

India Pale Lager | 5.0% ALC/VOL | 54 IBUs | 15 SRM | Fall Seasonal

A lager fermentation gives this beer a crisp finish and light body, yet with the same caramel and malt under tones of an IPA.  The Depot offers a special thanks to the High Desert Hop Project for providing the Chinook hops used in this beer, raised right here in Reno, NV giving the brew a rich pine and tropical fruit aroma.

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The Pilgrim 

Pumpkin Brown Ale | 5.1% ALC/VOL | 12 IBUs | 22 SRM | Fall Seasonal

Locally-sourced, roasted pumpkin adds a smooth mouth-feel to this American Brown Ale.  Special thanks to Salty-Savory-Sweet, Reno’s locally owned and operated spice shop, for sourcing the spices that complete this classic autumn beer.

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The Pistolero

Smoked Pilsner | 5.0% ALC/VOL | 28 IBUs | 6 SRM | Fall Seasonal

A classic Pilsner with a twist.  Mesquite smoked malt gives this lager its smokehouse aroma while imported German malt and hops give the brew its familiar background flavor and snappy finish.

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The Soviet

Double Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Red Ale | 14.0% ALC/VOL | 76 IBUs | 24 SRM | Winter Seasonal

The Soviet is a brilliant, Imperial Red Ale with big American Oak character.  The beer was shaped with loads of dark caramel malt for a rich, malty notes along with a huge hop charge for bright grapefruit and piney flavor.  The beer was racked to Bourbon barrels two different times rounding out the ale with hints of vanilla, caramel and toast.

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The Pirate

Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Porter | 10.0% ALC/VOL | 33 IBUs | 28 SRM | Winter Seasonal

The Soviet is a brilliant, Imperial Red Ale with big American Oak character.  The beer was shaped with loads of dark caramel malt for a rich, malty notes along with a huge hop charge for bright grapefruit and piney flavor.  The beer was racked to Bourbon barrels two different times rounding out the ale with hints of vanilla, caramel and toast.

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The Bishop

Ice Distilled Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Brown Ale | 16.0% ALC/VOL | 36 IBUs | 32 SRM | Winter Seasonal

The Bishop is a creation born of reverence and patience.  We first brewed an Imperial Brown Ale with big notes of roasted nuts and toast.  The beer was then ice-distilled four times focusing the sweet malt and warming notes.  Finally, it was sent to rest for six months in a select Bourbon cask on loan from our friends at Chapel Tavern in Reno, NV.

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The Highlander

Scotch Ale | 9.2% ALC/VOL | 24 IBUs | 27 SRM | Winter Seasonal

Malt character dominates this brown and ruby colored ale.  Notes of rich caramel, bread, and brown sugar come through while the brew finishes with a chewiness that typifies these “Wee Heavy” ales.

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The Milk Man

Cocoa Milk Stout | 5.2% ALC/VOL | 25 IBUs | 24 SRM | Winter Seasonal

A rich stout with big notes of cocoa and coffee make this a delicious and sessionable winter brew.  Ecuadorian Cocoa was added to accentuate the chocolate character.

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